You know that friend group that is always laughing, always lifting each other up, always supporting one another? That's us. When you become a client at Lovely Berd Salon, you aren't just joining a salon, you're joining a family. 


Berd Jay - Owner/Lead Stylist

Berd is the lead stylist and owner of Lovely Berd Salon. She has been in the hair industry for over 21 years. "My favorite part of every appointment is the moment when I turn the chair and remove each client's cape. Their smiles and moments of complete shock and amazement are what keep me going. I love helping people achieve the look that they want. Helping people feel beautiful in the skin in which they were given fuels my fire." 


Laura Jean - Braider

Laura is a skilled, licensed, braider who has a passion for hair and beauty. Taking her time with each client, her poise and great attention to detail are what make each set of braids uniquely beautiful.


Shay King - Braider

Shay King is a skilled braider who has a passion for hair and beauty. She specializes in box braids and other kid friendly styles that make you a more beautiful you.  


Malika Symone - Stylist

Malika Symone is an independent contractor, and the owner of Hair by Malika Symone. She is a licensed braider, with a degree in cosmetology, working at Lovely Berd Salon on Saturdays by appointment only. She is passionate about hair, beauty, and her family. 


Krystal Dalton - Makeup Artist 

Krystal is the resident Makeup artist of the Lovely Berd Salon. She is an artist, a student, and a visionary, believing that the day starts with great eyebrows and iced coffee. 


Thomas Dalton - Barber

Thomas is a licensed barber at the Lovely Berd Salon. He is skilled in working with both young kids and adults. What makes Thomas unique, is his incredible ability to treat each client with individual care.